2 jul. 2009

Hopes and Dreams

If you could hear my hopes and dreams

You would see

How far I’ve gone in the deep blue sea

Hanging my wishes over my head

Holding them near with a big, thick thread

Keeping them attached to my bosom, instead

Of having to chase them with a loaf of bread

Seeking for pure hearts and happy souls

I ended up with a big, huge bowl

Filled with various amazing things

Wishes and dreams and hopes and wings

Leading the way through the midnight path

Getting to see the other half

I lead them on to a better life

Finding the farmer a suitable wife

Talking the homeless with no regret

Into my household, without any debt

Looking for places for children to fly

Letting them know they can go very high

Their hopes and dreams

Accomplished one day

Will bring back memories

Memories of yesterday

by Alexa Honey

2 comentarios:

Sara dijo...

This is a great poem! Thanks for sharing it!

Danni dijo...

Wow that beautiful. :)