28 jun. 2009


It's a constant thing for me,
Thoughts that just fly by
To be remembered for their existence
But not for their persistence

Tell me pelease, if you can see,
The truth within my words,
Is it for you, as it is for me
Like music from two swords?

I'm crippled, with this burdon
The river flows no more
My memories are seldom
And my brain is just to sore.

by Alexa Honey

27 jun. 2009

Uncommonly caged

I've hit a wall, and seem to be glued to it!

I don't know what's wrong, but I'm having one of those days where you know not what to do anymore, you feal your skin is the only thing keeping you together, if it where to brake, all your insides would be scattered all over the world, never deciding to settle, and I feel like letting them go, letting the be free, to releace the explosion forming within me.

I feel stuck, disapointed, weak, and several other feelings, that are rarely known to be good, or positive in any way, and I want to change that, well, at least, that's waht I keep on telling myself, I hope I do get it donne, sooner or later, although I feel a terrible imposition that I can't get rid off, once I do, I'll find a way around the wall, and I will get to the other side.